"We are against to needless complexity."

We designed hello 1.0, simplest training kit to use for teaching the fundamentals of control theory. Kit offers students learn the basics of the motor control by applying the rules of control theory on a real plant with experiments based on motor speed and position control.


hello 1.0 - DC Motor Kit for Teaching and Research

Hello 1.0, the DC Motor Control Module is an experimental set designed for laboratory training of basic control systems based on DC motor speed and position control and has experimental content that the student can apply on his own.

• Matlab
hello 1.0 uses Matlab® for experiments&analysis


• Rotary servo system
• Tool-less quick connect weight modules
• Direct-drive brushed DC motor
• LED response related control
• Easy-connect cables and connectors
• Open architecture design
• Allows users to design their own controller
• Fully compatible with MATLAB/Simulink
• Provides Matlab Add-On, helloApp for experiments
• Fully documented system models and parameters

Additional community-created resources will be available!


• Dimensions (W x L x H) : 11x11x10 cm
• Mass : 1.4 kg
• Servo motor encoder resolution : 464.4 CPR
• DC motor nominal voltage : 12 V
• DC motor speed @12V : 1030 RPM
• DC Notor nominal current : 300 mA
• DC motor max current : 5.6 A
• DC motor max tork : 3.2 kg-cm

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