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My first DIY speaker attempt finally ends up. It lasted a little bit longer than I expected. But I learned a lot.

When I realized that YouTube only offers me DIY Speaker videos, I started to list my specs.:

  • It shouldn’t be a plastic crap.
  • The battery should be lasting 7-8 hours.
  • Connection should be established by Bluetooth.
  • Audio quality should be well enough with decent bass for a first project.


I was trying to earn some CNC skills when I decided to start to the project. So, I gave myself little challenges like curved edges, etc. Here it is the CAD model. It has two 2.5″ full range drivers and one passive radiator to enhance the bass.

While waiting for the parts and electronics from Aliexpress. I bought some Rosewood and Oak. Cut the enclosure and applied some epoxy resin to glue.

Front panel after some sanding work.

Now the most satisfying part of the project, applying some oil. I applied 3-4 layer of olive oil.


  • 3S Lion Battery
  • Battery Protection and Charging Module
  • Latch and Reed Relays
  • Bluetooth amplifier modulE

At first, I was planning to use capacitive touch sensors to turn on/off the speaker. However, cheap sensors gave me big trouble. Also, I didn’t want to drain the battery quickly by keeping the sensor continuously on. So, I employed a latch relay which toggle with a Pulse signal. And this pulse signal will send by a reed relay that releases the current when a magnet gets closer to it.

So here it is the final product.

And a few videos in action.


Big thanks to,

*My supervisor who let me use the Lab, CNC and all the necessary equipment.

* My brother for his financial support.

* Koray Kerimoğlu, who has a startup company, for his support on electronics.

I appreciate your comments and ideas for the next one.

  • +90 553 031 66 84
  • info@desard.com.tr
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